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How to operate fiber laser cutting machine safely
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
How to safely operate fiber laser cutting machine is a concern of many friends. As a production unit that is using this kind of machine and equipment, some rules and regulations for safe operation of this kind of equipment should be established, or operating rules. Operators should earnestly study the rules and regulations for these operations before operating on the computer, and strictly operate and maintain them in accordance with the rules and regulations, so as to achieve this goal. Enough to enable machinery and equipment to operate normally for a long time, such as this machine and equipment, laser start-up will have a very strict process, it should be strictly in accordance with this process to carry out operations.
Before the operation of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, all operators must be trained. The purpose of the training is to understand the general performance of the machine, the general structure of the machine, the knowledge of the operation of the machine system, without training and without examination. Lattice operation is not allowed. Relevant operators must wear the necessary labor protection articles before operating the machine and equipment, otherwise they can not go to the computer to operate, for example, this machine and equipment in operation will produce laser beams, and laser beams will cause some damage to people's eyes, so operators in, on the machine. The protective eye patch must be worn before operation. Before operating the machine, it is also necessary to determine whether the material can be heated and cut by this machine. If the material itself can not be cut by this machine, then it is forbidden to use this machine for processing. Otherwise, smoke and smoke may be generated in the process of processing. Steam causes danger. Direct and indirect operators are forbidden to leave their jobs without authorization in the process of operation. If there is an urgent matter, they must leave their jobs. People must entrust others to take care of them before leaving their jobs. Otherwise, they can only turn off the power supply and shut down the machinery and equipment first, and then the operators. Before leaving work.
Some topics about how to operate the optical fiber laser cutting machine safely are briefly introduced here. In addition, in order to operate safely, fire extinguishers should be available around the workshop where the machines are placed. In case of accidents, fire extinguishers can be used widely. If there is no need to use machine for processing for a long time, the laser should be switched off at this time.