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What are the points for attention in the use of fiber laser cutting machines?
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
What are the points for attention in the use of fiber laser cutting machines? There are many problems that should be paid attention to when using this kind of equipment. For example, when operating this kind of equipment, we should closely observe the operation. If we find that there are some abnormal situations in the operation process, we should take the method of emergency shutdown at this time, instead of forcing the operation of machinery and equipment. It should also be noted that when the machine is running, all irrelevant people and others must stand outside the safe distance of the area, can not directly touch the machine and equipment, to avoid causing collision accidents. Here are some common points of attention for operating this kind of machine.
There are still many problems to be noticed in the process of using optical fiber laser cutting machine. For example, before processing a workpiece, the program of processing the workpiece should be input into the computer first, and then try to process, and check whether the machine is in good condition, if it is trying to process. In the process, problems are found, then the machine should be shut down to solve the problem. If the trial processing goes smoothly, then batch processing of some parts can be carried out. This kind of machine needs a simple maintenance for 40 hours running continuously, or a maintenance once a week. It needs a large maintenance for 1000 hours running continuously, that is, about six months. As a production unit to establish rules and regulations for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, operators should strictly follow the rules and regulations for the maintenance and inspection of machinery and equipment. This machine needs to use laser in the process of operation, and laser itself will cause some damage to human eyes, so direct operators must wear eye masks to operate the machine equipment. If a noise is heard in the process of processing, the correct operation at this time should be shutdown, and then check the troubleshooting. If the troubleshooting can not be eliminated by checking, the supervisor or the relevant person in charge should be reported. At this time, the power can not be started.
The problems that should be paid attention to when using the fiber laser cutting machine are simply introduced. This machine is a kind of power-saving and highly efficient machine, which can be operated automatically. The cut surface is very smooth and can be used almost directly. It is a kind of machine with high efficiency and popular with users.