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What should be done if the fiber laser cutting machine is in trouble?
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
What should we do when the fiber laser cutting machine is in trouble? Even the best machine may fail in the process of using, which can not be avoided by anyone. Of course, don't panic too much when it comes to breakdowns. Every breakdown has its own reasons. The specific operators should seriously look for the reasons when they encounter these breakdowns. Seriously to find solutions, the following will introduce some common failures and solutions.
The first fault that may occur in the process of using optical fiber laser cutting machine is that there are some abnormal noises in the machine equipment. This situation may occur in many other types of machines. There are many reasons for the abnormal noises. At this time, the first thing to do is to turn the machine on at once. Shut down, do not continue to let the machine run, otherwise, there may be some problems. After turning off the machine, because the machine itself is a very sophisticated product, so the operator himself should not disassemble this thing casually, to timely feed back the problems encountered to the technical department, let the technical department send a special person to inspect the machine and equipment, produce abnormal response may be the machine. Some parts in the equipment are loose. At this time, the technical maintenance department may inspect the situation in the equipment, tighten the loose place again, and replace the parts that need to be replaced, so that the machine can run normally again. The second problem that may arise during operation is the decrease of cutting accuracy or the irregular appearance of the cutting surface. This may be caused by the problem of the nozzle. You can stop the machine and check the nozzle. If the nozzle's accuracy can't meet the requirements, then replace one at this time. The nozzle can meet the required accuracy again.
Some faults and solutions that may be encountered in the operation of optical fiber laser cutting machine are simply introduced here. Some common faults can be solved by themselves, but if they are more complex faults, they can not be solved by themselves. At this time, don't repair them without authorization. We should hand over professional matters to specialists. After-sales Department of the industry to do, vendors and manufacturers of machinery and equipment will provide customers with thoughtful after-sales service to help customers solve the problems encountered in the use process.