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Fiber optic laser cutting machine parts need to be replaced?
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
Are the components on the fiber laser cutting machine needed to be replaced? When many friends use this kind of equipment, there are some parts on it which are easy to wear out. After using it for a period of time, they need to check whether these parts can work well. If they are found to be out of order, they need to be replaced in time. Please note that when replacing, they must be matched by the original factory. Parts can work perfectly only in this way. If we do not use the parts matched by the original factory, it may affect the quality and efficiency of production. Even it may cause some safety accidents because the replaced parts are not matched by the original factory. Now let's take a look at which parts of the machine may need to be replaced.
The first possible replacement part on the optical fiber laser cutting machine is the mirror, which plays a very large role in the mechanical equipment. Reflective focusing is achieved through the mirror, so that the laser energy can be concentrated in a range for cutting, after a long time to use. It may lead to loss of reflective lenses, so replace them. The second part that needs to be replaced is the protective lens. In the process of using the lens, the protective lens may be damaged because of some debris impact, so this part also needs to be replaced. In theory, this part needs to be replaced after three months of continuous use. The third component that may need to be replaced is the diffusion lens, which exists mainly to change the diameter of the laser beam and the divergence angle of the laser beam in the course of operation. After a long time of use, the component may have some losses, so it needs to be maintained regularly or even more. Change. The fourth part that may need to be replaced is the copper nozzle, which usually needs to be replaced for about two months. If it is not replaced, the cutting accuracy may be affected.
The fiber laser cutting machine has some parts that may need to be replaced. There will be some methods and matters needing attention about replacement of spare parts in the manual for the use of this kind of machine and equipment. So before replacement, we should read the manual carefully, replace or maintain spare parts according to the instructions on the manual, and select the original factory when replacing. Parts.