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What is the working process of fiber laser cutting machine?
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
What is the general process of fiber laser cutting machine? Because of the internal parts and precision of this kind of mechanical equipment, the working principle of realizing cutting operation is relatively complex, so it is impossible to introduce its working principle in detail. The following is just a brief introduction to the general working process of this kind of tool. I hope that through the following introduction, we can let you know about it. This kind of machine has more in-depth understanding, but also hope that customers who want to buy this machine friends and timely contact the factory.
The working process of optical fiber laser cutting machine is also very simple. When it is used in practice, it only needs to press a button to produce the desired parts immediately. It is very easy to say, but the working principle behind it is very complex. For example, if we want to make a salary increase or cut out a part, the first step is to design the drawing of the work piece on the computer, and input all the parameters of the corresponding work piece into the drawing. After the input, the drawing of the work piece is completed, of course, the drawing of the work piece is completed. Paper must be designed in the corresponding application software. After design, it is followed by the second step. This step is to cut and process the designed drawings tentatively, connect the machine with the computer directly, and then press the button to start the trial run. At this time, it runs. Speed should not be too fast, and when running for a long time, there must be someone to observe. If there are some abnormal situations in the process of running, the machine should be stopped immediately at this time, and then the cause of the abnormal situation should be analyzed. It may be the failure of the machine and equipment, or it may be the drawings designer. There are some defects in the surface. Find out the reasons and solve these problems. Then try cutting again. If a workpiece can be cut and made smoothly, it shows that the drawing machine can work normally without problems. Then mass production can be carried out immediately.
The basic process of optical fiber laser cutting machine is simply introduced here. This kind of machine and equipment needs to use numerical control programming software to achieve special functions. So the programming requirements for operators are relatively high. It does not mean that the machine can be used immediately. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can be used immediately. That is, it can adapt to some complicated programming and cut out very complicated workpieces.