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What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines?
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines? This kind of machine has many advantages. For example, the cutting machine can finish the processing of many materials with very complex structure. It can even draw pictures on the computer first, and then use the machine to cut according to the image produced on the computer, so as to add the whole. The process automation of the worker is higher, and the cutting process can be designed according to the prior assumption, which makes the cutting process more creative. Here are some of the other advantages of this machine.
The second advantage of optical fiber laser cutting machine is that it does not need to open the mould when cutting, so the efficiency of using this machine has been greatly improved. It only needs to draw the picture on the computer, and then according to the picture drawn on the computer, it can complete cutting or product development. The third advantage is that this kind of cutting machine adopts automatic focusing system. In plane cutting or uneven surface cutting, all can be auto-focusing to complete the cutting work without manual adjustment of angle and conversion of cutting position, which greatly improves the cutting process. The degree of automation operation greatly saves the difficulty of operation and the intensity of labor. The fourth important advantage is that it can be suitable for a variety of complex processes. Especially when cutting products with complex structures, it is difficult for ordinary machines to cut some complex shapes. But this machine can cut complex shapes, even on some three-dimensional planes. Cut face. The fifth advantage is that the cutting machine itself uses the laser principle to cut. The surface of the cut object is very smooth, and there is no need to deal with very troublesome work in the later stage. So it can be used directly after cutting, which greatly improves the grade of the cut product. Ordinary CNC punching machine is very difficult to achieve this effect.
The advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine are briefly introduced here. Maybe many friends want to buy this kind of product. Please pay attention to the large number of factories that produce this kind of product in China. Friends can visit the factory or know about the customers who bought this kind of product. And then select a brand with better customer reputation.