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Brief introduction of matters needing...
Auther: Pubdate:2018-11-17
In the process of using the optical fiber laser cutting machine, we need to pay more attention to many problems. For example, the system itself is stimulated by laser, and there are some specific wavelengths in the laser which will cause damage to people's eyes. Therefore, when operating the machine, the eyes must be specially protected in order to achieve this goal. It can avoid direct operator's health. Material selection is also very important when using this kind of machine, because this kind of fund equipment can not cut some materials, such as carbonate or acrylic materials can not be cut with this machine, otherwise it may lead to some accidents. The situation.
Fiber laser cutting machine used in the process can be used to cut some fiber materials or wood materials, if you want to cut other types of materials, first of all, you need to call the after-sales service personnel, if the after-sales service personnel think that such materials can not be cut, then Do not use this kind of machine for cutting operation, otherwise, it may cause accidents. In addition, it should also be noted that this kind of machine in material cutting will have some requirements on the thickness of the material. If the thickness of the material itself is relatively large, then we need to choose a high-power cutting machine. If the thickness of the material is moderate, we can choose a general cutting machine to cut. In the process of using this kind of machine, the necessary maintenance should be done to the mechanical equipment, so as to prolong the life of the machine. Without maintenance, some parts of the machine equipment may be lost, especially the more precise parts involved. This kind of part determines the quality of the machine. If the service life of the machine can be well maintained, the service life of the fine parts inside will be greatly prolonged, so that the cost of using the machine can be saved.
The matters needing attention in the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine are briefly introduced here. Of course, there are many other problems to be noticed. It is suggested that the direct operator of the machine and equipment should read the instructions of the machine in detail, only after learning the specific methods of use and maintenance. Enough direct use of this machine for work, this machine can be used for a period of time if there is a problem, you can directly call the after-sales telephone for help.